Find Your Muse With Creativity Profiling and Workshops

We take a multi-modal approach to your creativity and growing your collaboration skills.

Creativity Profiling 

  • Take an assessment and get PHD-level analysis of your creative strengths.

1:1 Creativity & Performance Coaching

  • Set goals and learn strategies to enhance creativity one-on-one with a coach.   

Team Creativity Workshops

  • Learn collaboration and ideation skills with your team. 

Which of the Five Creative Strengths is your superpower?

What is creativity? It’s a question that’s challenged artists and psychologists for centuries.

We define creativity as the process by which we create products that are novel, effective, complete, connected, and beautiful. We use these five discrete creative strengths as a jumping-off point to design services that can unlock your innate creativity and teach you to wield it.

Learn more about the five creative strengths
  • Why pick between  bad options when we can create better ones? 

    When faced with a challenge, our instinct is to double down on old tactics, even if they’ve failed us. But when you commit to your creative potential, you open up new and exciting paths to pursue. You’ll meet a new side of yourself and understand your creativity through a fresh lens. And you’ll find it easier than ever to build trust so you can make work you love.

  • Feel Better, Learn Faster, Lead The Way

    Creatively active people report being 34% happier and learning 13% faster. That means they're more fulfilled, motivated, and successful. We don't just help you hone your creativity - we help you articulate and communicate your unique creative skill so you can rise.

  • What happens when teams push past stress to embrace their own creativity?

    The pervasive sense of scarcity in our work lives leads to conflict, emotional flare-ups, and competition. In fact, 86% of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration for workplace failures. Our training helps teams self-reflect and understand each person’s unique contribution so teams can feel more creative and be more effective as collaborators.

“Prolog is still something I refer to all the time and I share it constantly with folks in my trusted creative circle! Looking forward to being able to apply it again in my work and department on the next film.”

– Michelle J. Li, Award-Winning Costume Designer

“The Prolog team is offering something truly novel - a way to bridge a team's creativity gaps and to deepen one's understanding of their creative strengths. The experience gave me an opportunity to practice self-reflection, appreciate the strengths of my peers, and seek new collaborative strategies.”

– Morgan Fletcher, Communications Strategist,

"Prolog is perfectly designed to empower anyone to take their creativity to the next level. It is an equalizer – from experienced professional creatives to folks who don't believe they have an ounce of creativity in them. As someone who makes a living leading creative teams, I would strongly recommend anyone on my team to consider Prolog as a foundation for group creativity and team alignment towards innovation and collaboration."

– Jake Kahana, Founder of Caveday

“Breaking creativity down into different archetypes is super valuable and makes it easier to understand something as nuanced and complex as creativity. Prolog put the fun in this process and challenged me to push my creative limits in front of an audience.” 

– Tim Shilstone, Data Analyst, Disney+

    1. You tackle 10 creative exercises. 
    2. Our PhD-level creative assessors analyze your strengths and unearth insights. 
    3. We hook you up with top coaches who meet with you one-on-one to set goals and teach you to boost your creativity.
    4. We bring your collaborators or coworkers along for the ride with our team collaboration workshops.
    5. We build a creative sustainment plan for your organization so you and your teammates can continue to build on your creative strengths.