Who We Are

Our Mission

Most of the big problems we face as a society can’t be solved with the ideas and solutions we’ve used before. If we want better options, we have to get creative.

Here’s the catch: the more fear and stress we feel, the harder it is to be creative. Last time we checked, the world is not getting less scary or stressful anytime soon.

We need a system - a set of tools for fighting through fear, ambiguity, and miscommunication so we can tap into our creativity as individuals, as teams, and as organizations.

That’s why we put together our team of coaches, designers, and psychologists to help. Together, we developed Prolog’s creativity profiling, coaching, and collaboration training services.

  • Camille Edwards

    Lead Facilitator

  • Stephanie Simpson

    Lead Coach

  • Ben Millstein

    Lead Experience Designer

  • Elsa Voytas

    PHD, Comparative Politics, Princeton University

  • Robert Garcia

    PHD, Psychology & Social Behavior, UC Irvine

  • Karen Wu

    PHD, Psychology & Social Behavior, UC Irvine

  • Divya Chhabra

    MD, UT Southwestern Medical Center; Public Psychiatry Fellow, 
    Columbia University

  • Narolyn Mendez

    PHD Clinical Psychology, Columbia Univeristy. Postdoctoral Psychology Fellow, Lenox Hill Hospital

  • Vanessa Nguyen

    PHD Student, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, North Carolina State University

  • Rick Yang

    PHD Student in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Purdue University

  • Julie Juechter

    PHD School Psychology, Georgia State University, Psychometrist, Health Minds

  • Jacinta Dickens

    PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Louisville. Researcher and clinician in advance aging and those involved in justice system

  • Mariam El Amin

    Postdoctoral researcher at the University of South Carolina, speech-language pathologist, 2017 Fulbright scholar

  • Ishmeet Sethi

    15+ years experience as an executive recruiter for companies like McKinsey and Aon Human Capital, Master's Degree in IO Psychology

  • Sofiia Kagan

    Ph.D. student at the University of Georgia, Masters in Science of Learning and Assessment in Education and Psychology

  • Vanessa Tanicien

    Expert Facilitator & Coach

  • Sandra Camacho

    Caoch, responsible innovation consultant, inclusive design practitioner

  • Robert Mack

    Celebrity happiness coach, positive psychology expert, published author, and television host and personality.

  • Sophia Espinoza

    Coach, Educator, and Curriculum Designer

  • Inez Jordan

    ICF-Certified Professional Executive Coach with over 10 years of experience.

  • Nessa Norich

    Coach, Creative Strategist and Producer

  • Danielle Francis

    Leadership Coach, ICF Professional Certification, MBA

  • Tiffany Chai

    Coach (CoachVille Center for Coaching Mastery, and Higher Ground Leadership), Pharm.D, UC San Francisco

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