New Beginnings and Your Creative Intuition

New Beginnings and Your Creative Intuition

By Camille Edwards

Camille Simone Edwards serves as Director of Diversity, Equity, + Inclusion at the prestigious Friends Academy, owns her own consulting practice where she partners with clients to create new pathways to their goals related to personal and professional development, and is a lead creative mentor at Prolog.

Every year presents another chapter in the beautiful story of your life. Every moment introduces itself as a vibrant thread in the tapestry of your journey. We know it’s a new day when the sun greets us again, right? We recognize a sunrise, and we understand what our relationship to it is. A new day; a new chance, more growth, another opportunity to continue living our best life.

Would you recognize your relationship to a new beginning in the same way? Would you know a new beginning if it presented itself to you? An opportunity to start again; to go left instead of right; to make a different choice - to be led by a big and audacious goal that brings you closer to your dreams.

Whether or not you feel as though you’re actively in search of a new beginning right now, we empower you to trust your intuition as you continue your journey as a creator, because new beginnings can present themselves as new projects, new contracts, and new clients.

At Prolog, we believe intuition is a clear expression of creativity at work. It works best when enveloped with fierce conviction and an evolving sense of wisdom. That comes with learning to trust your intuition. Whether or not you feel like a new beginning is upon you, everything that follows applies to your creative journey.

Our intuition can show up as a hunch, a sixth sense, or second sight. It’s a feeling in our bones, a suspicion, or even an inkling. At work, it can show up actively in the leaps and risks we take - that moment when we abandon our talking points, shoot from the hip, and somehow, miraculously, hit our target. It is in these moments that we can all pinpoint how our emotions and wisdom can inform the way that we approach our work as creators. We sense, we recognize, we act.

So, how can you begin to trust your creative intuition? To begin, start by raising your personal awareness. Some people refer to their gut, some to their mind’s eye, and others hold onto a voice that speaks to them in times of great adversity. That intuitive sense can be made tangible, and we empower you to harness it by embracing where your senses guide you. From there, we welcome you to reflect on the following statements in order to heighten your personal awareness around your own creative instincts.

Which of the following statements resonate most with you?

  • I can produce lots of ideas quickly, thrive in brainstorms, but may need help creating something truly well-rounded.

  • I am drawn to the aesthetic and sensory dimensions of creativity, and can harness them to provoke strong emotion in others.

  • I can vividly imagine future goals, and am adept at setting milestones to reach those goals.

  • I am adept at creating new modes of social or connection, or situating an idea within its larger cultural context.

  • I pay great attention to detail and can help those with great ideas finish what they started.

Each of these statements represents an intuitive dimension of the five creative strengths we use to help frame creativity; to make the intangible tangible. Through our program, we offer members a shared language and the ability to discover their unique creative strength.

So many of us are constantly in search of the next big thing we want to create in our lives. The moments we stop trying to force new beginnings into being, and surrender ourselves to the universe, all else comes into a sharper focus. Search for your intuition, and get to know what it feels like - open road before you, sun peeking through the tallest and greenest trees, and there - just beyond the bend - is the hush of magic.

When you know, you know. Trust the magic of new beginnings, and let your intuition guide you.

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