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Prolog Full Service Bundle (teams of 4 or more)

Prolog Full Service Bundle (teams of 4 or more)

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What's the best way to transform our five creative strengths framework into a versatile tool you can call upon at any time, in any situation? Using different educational methods to ensure it sticks with our Prolog Full Service Bundle. 

Our full-service bundle includes:

1x > One Group Creativity Assessment, led by a Prolog facilitator, for groups of 4 or more, and PHD-level analysis for each team member. 

2x > Two 1-1 coaching sessions per participant. Choose between Creative Goal Setting or Finding Happiness Through Creativity.

4x > Four group learning sessions. Choose between Creative Collaboration or Creative Design Thinking.

Our full-service bundle isn’t just cost-effective - it yields exponentially better results for participants looking to grow their creative productivity and collaboration skills. 

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